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Ross Townsend-Green



Imran Hanif

Inspector Abberline

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Home: Team Members
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Joshua Black



BW Period Film Noir Short Film.

A twist on Jack the Ripper with new suspects that were never considered that had means and opportunity.   You decide.

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Home: Pro Gallery


Knight of the Reel Awards –Best Short Film

London Film Awards - Gold Thriller Award

Bridgefest Awards – Best Director

Bridgefest Awards – Best Music Short Film

Indo French International Awards – Best Female Director

New York Movie Awards – Best Director Short Film

Be Afraid Online Film Awards – Best Film Noir Film

Eastern European Awards – Best Creative Short

Golden Lion Awards – Best Indie Director (Female Short Film)

Europe Film Festival – Best Creative Short

Goldspire Film International (Best Short Film)

New York International Gold Awards - Silver Thriller Award 

Critics International Film Awards - Best Female Director

Distribution Festival - Best Short Film

London Film Awards - Best Short Film

Make Art Not War - Best Silent Film 

London Film Awards Review:

Film Selections

Moscow International VR Film Festival

Toronto Lift Off Film Festival - Canada

Swedish Film Awards - Sweden

Madrid Film Festival - Spain

Knight of the Reel Awards - India

Bridgefest Awards = Canada

Onyko Film Awards - Ukraine

Paris Film Awards - France

Paradise Film Awards - Budapest

Indo French International Awards

Eastern European Awards

New York Movie Awards - USA

London Film Awards - UK

Afraid Online Film Awards – Ukraine

Golden Lion Best Film Awards – Singapore

Hollywood Gold Awards – USA

Best Indie Awards – UK

Goldspire Film International - USA

New York  International Awards - USA

Toronto Lift Off Festival - Canada

London Lift Off Festival - UK

Las Vegas Indie Film Awards - USA

North Film Festival

Las Vegas Indie Film Fest - USA

Semi Finalist

Sweden Film Awards

FilmHaus - Germany

Honourable Mention

Tokyo Film Awards - Japan

Black Panther International Short Film Awards

Monthly Future Film Awards - UK

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Film Festivals

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Film Festival Update

Our screening took place on Friday 20 January and it was a great show of people. Massive thank you to Actors and Crew as this would not...

Film Festivals

We have achieved so far and I say we as this is everyone involved in the film has made this possible: London's Monthly Future Awards

Festival Time

The final edit came to me last week, no fault of the editor but my own choice to change it and also change the music. Now it is Festival...


Back on Block 2 pre- production, confirmed all Actors and Crew, sorting out equipment hire, locations and permits and insurance. Not so...


Ok we have another 1 and half days to shoot, basically two days. Neilson and I are rushing around trying to get everyone to agree dates...


Saturday night went really well, I cannot believe how dedicated the crew are on this project it amazes me. The Actors have made their...


Everything is in place and signed off. Some last minute changes to the script and we are ready to rock and roll....


Unfortunately Inge could not do the filming dates scheduled so we had to let her go. Lezline Platt takes her place as Catherine and I...


Things have now started to hot up. Over the last week putting the Insurance in place, confirming Recce for the filming locations to take...

Week 9

On every production things go wrong, the first venue cancelled on us and now we are having issues with the second venue. Fingers crossed...

Week 8

This week we have confirmed Inge Syafrida (Actress) who will be playing the part of Catherine. Signed contracts are coming in from...

Week 7

Things are moving at a rapid rate, this is when everything gets real. We have now confirmed our DOP Joshua Black and our Make-Up & Hair...


Set up Kickstarting campaign in the hope to raise some extra monies for the shoot. Launched the campaign. We will still shoot even if...


Interviews for DOP & Make-Up Artists, set up meeting with Actor Billie Vee and to check on any adjustments to her costumes. Purchasing...


Went through show reels of DOP's and set interview dates with them. Imran created Poster for the film for promotion. Trying to secure...


Sent Script and Look Books to all Actors. Gave homework to watch various Film Noir films. Neilson will service contracts. Locked down...


Confirmed Actors to lead roles: Billie V, Ross Townsend-Green, Imran Hanif. Put up Ads for DOP, Gaffer, Make-Up and Wardrobe Assistant.

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