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Things have now started to hot up. Over the last week putting the Insurance in place, confirming Recce for the filming locations to take DOP, 1st Ad and sound on 25 January. Liaising with Make-Up and Hair for look books on the Actors and the making of the scars. Chasing up to see when Actors are available to do rehearsals.

Still looking for a Church location have a few to chase up fingers crossed as I really want to keep this scene in the film. Went through Shot list with DOP.

Still quite alot to do, find rehearsal space, church location to film, organise hire of van for props and wardrobe, pending response on A/C as the one we had in mind fell through, pending runners to come on board. To organise dietry requirements to feed all, print photos for photoframes (props) make inventory with images of all props and wardrobe so none gets lost, make a list of what props will be placed where in locations to save time on the day. Find a base camp to use for equipment and to heat up food whilst on location. Few more items to buy for the scenes. One month to go now yippeee

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