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Saturday night went really well, I cannot believe how dedicated the crew are on this project it amazes me. The Actors have made their characters their own and I love it. Tonight was filmed in Ezra Street which looks quite Victorian. It was the killing scene so lots of blood, not the real stuff. We even managed to get a shot of a full moon which I had in my script, how lucky were we.

Sadly Sunday had to be cancelled, these were the street scenes in Fournier Street, Princelett Street due to heavy rain and mad winds. H&S issue. Very dissapointed.

Tuesday back filming today was the Ten Bells Pub in Spittlefields, it was the perfect location with the original Victorian tiles on the walls. Great performance by Imran who plays the inspector and also Alfie and Barbara who were extras and gave it their all.

Charles Dickens Museum I cannot believe I got every shot I wanted, Billie and Ross gave great performances, the location is spectacular. Could not help wondering if Charles Dickens was looking down at us and thinking what the hell are they doing. Joshua had his work cut out as all the pictures on the walls which are many had name plaques on so trying to avoid these in the shots was not easy.

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