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Ratha Kanneer 1954 Download Tamil Movie

Ratha Kanneer 1954 Download Tamil Movie

Ratha Kanneer (transl. Tears of Blood) is a 1954 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by KrishnanPanju, and written by Tiruvarur K. Thangaraj. Based on Thangaraj's play of the same name, the film stars M. R. Radha, Sriranjani and S. S. Rajendran, with Chandrababu, M. N. Rajam and S. R. Janaki in supporting roles.[1] The film revolves around a returned-from-abroad, westernised rich man who shows arrogance and contempt towards anything part of Indian culture and anyone below his social standards.[2] The film was released on 25 October 1954, during the week of Diwali, and became a critical and commercial success.[1]


If you are looking for a way to download Ratha Kanneer 1954 Tamil movie, you may be disappointed to know that the film is not available for free download on any legal or authorized website. The film is a classic of Tamil cinema and is considered as one of the best performances of M. R. Radha.[3] The film is also preserved in the National Film Archive of India for its cultural and historical significance.[4] Therefore, downloading or streaming the film without proper permission or license may be considered as an act of piracy and may invite legal action.

However, if you are a fan of Ratha Kanneer 1954 Tamil movie and want to watch it legally, you have some options. You can buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray of the film from online or offline stores that sell original copies of the film.[5] You can also watch the film on some online platforms that have the rights to stream the film with a subscription or a fee.[6] Alternatively, you can watch the film on television channels that broadcast old Tamil movies from time to time.[7]

Ratha Kanneer 1954 Tamil movie is a masterpiece of Tamil cinema that showcases the acting skills of M. R. Radha and the direction of KrishnanPanju. The film also has a powerful message about the consequences of moral degradation and the value of Indian culture. The film is worth watching for its emotional impact and its artistic merit.


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